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What type of binding do you choose for a magazine or brochure?

When you have a brochure or magazine printed, you can choose from numerous specifications. Think, for example, of the paper type and the type of finishing, but also of the binding method. To bind your booklet, there are many options, from stapling to gluing to wire-o.

Magazine or brochure with staples

A classic. Most printed matter is still stapled. The paper sheets are then bundled, folded and provided with two staples in the spine. There are two types of staples to choose from: traditional staples and eye staples. The latter have two protruding "eyelets", so that you can easily store the printed material in a ring binder. Which you choose is purely personal. But both methods are perfect for a brochure or magazine of 8 to 60 pages. Is your printed material thicker anyway? Then there are other techniques that give a better result. With many pages it is also useful to choose a thinner type of paper. Otherwise you run the risk of your brochure bulging after binding. The same goes for small-format booklets, by the way.

Print stappled brochures

Glued binding

From 32 pages onwards, you can opt for a glue binding, which we sometimes call 'yarnless binding'. The interior is then printed and cut as a stack. Next comes the cover. This is slightly wider and is creased four times, creating an extra spine that we fold nicely around the inside. We glue it with PUR glue to reinforce the whole thing. Gluing gives a tight, luxurious result. The only downside is that your brochure or magazine will not lay open as flat. Is that important to you? Then a Wire-O binding is a better choice. Furthermore, we always recommend laminating the cover. This way your book will last much longer.

Glued magazines printing

Wire-O bound

For many magazines and brochures, it is important that they can stay open nicely. In that case, wire-O or spiral binding is the perfect solution. After printing, we cut the sheets into stacks and make holes that we machine-seal with a spiral. This is how your brochure is created. In principle, we can use the technique from as little as eight pages, but in practice it is mainly done for thicker booklets with twenty pages or more. Because spiral binding comes in different diameters, there is no limit to the number of pages. Would you like to extend the life of your brochure, by the way? Then you can include a transparent plastic cover in the binding process. That way, the cover is always well protected.

Wire-O magazine printing

Do you still have questions after reading this article? Then don't hesitate to contact us. You can do so via the chat box at the bottom left, or via hello@inkoprint.es. See you soon!

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