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What products are offered at INKOprint.be?

INKO is an online platform that makes high-end printing accessible to everyone: fast, simple and personal. You combine the convenience of online ordering with incredible possibilities of choice in the field of paper, colours, finishes and printing techniques. Moreover, you enjoy the same service as with a traditional printing company. INKO is part of Sprint Copy, which means that a whole team of print experts is ready to help you with all your questions. So let your creativity run free and be inspired!

Can I get a sample of my printing?

Would you like to have a test print first or be right next to the press when your product goes into print? Unfortunately, this is not possible yet via INKOprint. In this case, you should place your order at Sprint Copy.


Where can I find my invoice?

Immediately after paying for your order, you will receive your invoice from us by e-mail. Invoices can also be found in your account/dashboard. 

Retrieve files

My graphic designer ordered from you. Can you send me his/my files?
Unfortunately, no. Files are property of the account user. Please contact your designer.

Can I purchase my printed matter at 4% VAT instead of 21% VAT?

In some cases, yes! For example, when you order printed material that is not of a commercial nature. A list of all the exceptions can be found here.

Are you eligible? Complete your order and e-mail your order number (which you will receive after completing your order) along with your account number and company details to our customer service. They will assess your request and - if approved - issue a credit note.


A series paper sizes

A0 format - 1189 x 841 mm

A1 format - 841 x 594 mm

A2 format - 594 x 420 mm

A3 format - 420 x 297 mm

A4 format - 297 x 210 mm

A5 format - 210 x 148 mm

A6 format - 148 x 105 mm

A7 format - 105 x 74 mm

A8 format - 74 x 53 mm

Offset or digital printing?

With an untrained eye, you can hardly see the difference between offset and digital printing. For a long time, digital printing was inferior to offset printing, but thanks to the latest technologies, we can now say that the printing quality is equal. However, depending on your print run the prices between offset and digital can still be significantly different. That is why at INKOprint we always offer the cheapest solution for your project.


"I have formatted my print file correctly, but the colours differ from those on my screen."
This is because you are comparing your print file (which was printed in CMYK) with the colours on your screen, which are made up of red, green and blue light (RGB). Because both methods reproduce colours in a different way, there is a chance that there is a colour difference.
Moreover, with the colour spectrum of RGB you can achieve more colours compared to that of CMYK.

File formats

The layout or design of your printed matter can be done in various programmes. Indesign is the best example, but of course there are more programs. Below is a description of the various file types;

.pdf - general file in which the source document is preserved and remains visible
.jpg - digital image suitable for print and web
.tiff - pixel file for storage purposes such as photos
.png - digital image suitable for web
.gif - digital image suitable for animation
.eps - vector graphic file to be edited
.indd - file from Adobe Indesign
.ai - file from Adobe Illustrator
.psd - file from Adobe Photoshop

We only accept PDF files.


Creasing means that we apply a folding line to your printed material. This crease ensures that a folder is folded more attractively and does not break the back of your printed folders.


My account

In your account you will find a dashboard with an overview of:

  • Account settings with your personal data
  • Score with discounts in levels
  • Orders
  • Invoices
  • Contacts
  • Colleagues

This is where your current (and past) orders are displayed. You can view the status of your order here, upload files (if your order is on the status: "Submit files") and view the details of the order.

Account protection

We use the highest level of encryption technology for transactions on our website, provided by Molly. For security reasons, credit card (or PayPal) details are not stored. Only the last four digits of the credit card used to make the payment are shown on your invoice.

You have to enter your credit card number and details for each payment transaction.

Is an account required?

If you want to place an order or order a sample pack, you need to create an account. But don't worry, this won't take long. With an account you can:

  • Place orders
  • Manage orders (current and past)
  • Request price offers with margins for your customers
  • Order sample packs
  • Get discounts

Creating an account is free and also allows you to save items in your shopping cart for later purchase, or to pay later.

Creating an account
If you are placing your first order, we ask you to register immediately after you add an item to your shopping cart and before you complete the remaining steps of the order process (Checking Order, Shipping, Payment and File Upload). Of course, you can also create an account before adding products to your shopping cart. We prefer that.

Multiple account users
You can share an account with your colleagues. You can add and remove your colleagues in your account. Mails about placed orders will only be sent to the colleague who placed the order.

I forgot my password

To reset your password, click on "I forgot my password" when logging in and enter your e-mail address. We will send you an email to set a new password. Didn't receive it? Check your spam folder. And um, don't forget it again :)

How can I disable my account?

Please contact our team at hello@inkoprint.es if you have any concerns regarding the use of your account. We will check it, or delete your account for security reasons if you wish.

Can I place an order without having an account?

An account is required to place an order on our website. Creating an account is a simple, one-time process that allows you to:

  • Place orders
  • Manage orders (current and past)
  • Request quotations with margins for your customers
  • Order sample packs
  • Get discounts

If you are placing an order for the first time, we ask you to register immediately after adding an item to your shopping basket and before completing the remaining steps of the order process (Checking Order, Shipping, Payment and File Upload). Of course, you can also create an account first before adding products to your basket. We prefer that.

About INKOprint

What are INKOprint's contact details?

Telephone: +34 934 463 900
E-mail: hello@inkoprint.es

Còrsega, 546,
08025 Barcelona

Are all INKOprint products online?

Of course!

We are working hard to expand our range. Is the product you are looking for not online yet or are you looking for customised printing? Then we can surely help you with our offline printing company: Sprint Copy.

Need help?

What are INKOprint's contact details?

Telephone: +34 934 463 900
E-mail: hello@inkoprint.es

Còrsega, 546,
08025 Barcelona

Privacy and data protection

INKOprint is committed to respecting your privacy regarding information provided on your account, order details/invoices and files. All content and information belongs to the account holder and cannot be given, modified or changed without the account holder's consent.

Please note that in most cases we cannot accept telephone consent to release account details or files. Verification is required, usually in the form of written consent given from the email address listed on the account.

Where can I find the general terms and conditions?

You can read our general terms and conditions here. They are also available on request. Please contact our customer service or your direct service contact.

Complaints and tips

I am not satisfied with my order

Not entirely satisfied? Then please let us know. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will do everything to satisfy you.

I have a great idea! Can I share it?

We would love to! Drop them here.

Questions about your order?

Didn't find the answer to your question ?

Don't hesitate to ask us your question! That way we can keep on extending our list and help our customers as efficiently as possible.

How do I prepare my files for printing?

We have gathered the most frequently asked questions about submitting correct files in our submission specifications. You can also find templates for almost all our products there.


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